The following links are to our archived resource sections. In these are many resources that we have found useful in all phases of software and hardware development. The source files for software and hardware produced by our company is provided to provide both a possible educational resource for others as well as to illustrate all phases of development skills that we have utilized in the past.  It also serves to offer a kind of technical resume to anyone that may be interested.

Here are many tools and files here that may or may not be our own and we do not represent those that are not ours as such. We provide them here as a resource to ourselves and to others who may find it difficult to locate certain older DLLs and BPLs required to deploy legacy software.

Here are many older software projects created by us.  There is source code, compiled executables and some of the external resources and documentation utilized to create these projects. We are not supporting this code at this time.  However, if you have a question, we’ll be happy to answer if we have a free moment or 2.

Here are many circuit and PCB layout projects and the third party documentation used to produce these projects.  Eventually, we will go through the process of more formally documenting and describing these projects. For now, they serve to possibly educate others as well as lend themselves to the role of a kind of online resume.  These are not our best or most advanced efforts, but they will serve to at least show that we are prolific in our endeavors. ;)



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