If it is related to Electrical engineering or the computer sciences, we can help. We can prove it!  If we are not the best suited for your needs or are lacking some aspect, we have loose net contacts that we can utilize or even suggest to you for services.  We are not above saying that we do not know something.

Most of our clients have been small businesses and we know that a small business cannot pay for a product and then wait 6 months without any show of results, and then receive a final, and usually late or not perfect result.  How often have you, as a small business paid for a web site design and had an "under construction" message up for 6 months with nothing of value? Wouldn't it seem reasonable to have the web designers put up the individual pages as they become available?  Sure it does. This is how we approach engineering.  We create mile stone and stick to them as best we can. We work hand in hand with the client on all phases and the client will know all issues good or bad as soon as we do. We are in the business to make money.  Engineering is a risky business. We do not skirt this risk by working under a business model that has become the norm in the 90s. We are honest and up front with our clients and work in a pay as you go fashion on all our
contracts - by the project or recurrent service.

We look forward to serving you.

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