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Circuit and layout design. We focus on 1 and 2 layer prototype designs utilizing Eagle CAD tools. We can and have used Orcad for more complex designs but our niche has show itself to be in the field of prototypes.  Multi layers are required for many RF or high density designs. We recognize this. But, do you really need a $10,000.00 expenditure to test a proof of concept?  Didn't think so. If you are still in the prototype phase of development, do you really want to have to make a new PCB turn simply because an inner trace error?  We didn't think so. We will make sure a design works and provide all documentation necessary to take the design to the next step. We also have contractors and companies that we use in order to take a design to this next step if you need. We are happy to do this. We pride our selves of getting things done and making things work.  It is that simple.


Low quantity PCB build and testing.  We have decades of experience related to PCB population and part replacement by hand. The founding Electrical Engineer, William Pippin, has been building circuit boards of all types since high schools and now alone has 25 plus years of experience. We realize that manufacturing costs and economic forces are making it basically impossible to manufacture anything within the US that remains cost competitive in volume.  These market pressures have made it harder and harder to find companies willing to build and test in quantities in the 1 to 1000 units per year level.  Give us a chance to provide an estimate against your needs. We are very flexible with this service in terms of costs because we use it as hourly filler between other engineering tasks.  We do not skimp on quality. In fact, we strive for 100% functionality for all units produced.  We also use this service to help find cheaper and faster ways for the client to produce their units for purposes of making the higher volume production even more cost effective by refining as many details as possible. This often leads to the other services related to documentation and compliance related issues. I.e. CE, UL, and other certifications that might be useful to the client.

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