Software Firmware

Software and electronic design review for purpose of fault and lifetime mantenance issue detection. Over the years we have found several clients who need technical documentation and review documents created.  While this is not as much engineering fun as creating a new product, it is none the less required and we can and have performed these tasks for UL, CES, and 510 documentation. Additionally, training and support manuals may be necessary and we can help with this as well. Need a custom installation program or some kind of proprietary diagnostic program, we can handle that too.

Legacy software maintenance and support. In having provided engineering consulting services since 1996, we have some services that clients simply keep needing. One of these is someone to provide changes and fixes to software, firmware and even circuit design changes to products that are 5, 10, or even 20 years old or older.  While most people don't like mentioning their ages, we will gladly say, "Yes, we can program assembly."  We won't give you some hype about remembering everything, but we do know where to find the appropriate documentation and have plain simple logical programming skills that apply to all programming languages. Yes, we can and do use the latest .net, Java, and # (sharp) languages as required, but we do seem to spend more time with the more fundamental languages such as C. Most devices and firmware tend to be in non object based languages due to the nature of the ICs involved.  Most programmers out of College tend to focus on the GUI based tools and seem to have limited skills related to hardware. We, on the other hand focus on the hardware at the proverbial ground floor. That seems to be one of our niches brought about by client needs.

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